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Paul L.Th. Beuk Version date: 01-01-2002 01:00

Diagnosis. Small (3.0-4.5 mm), delicate fungus gnats with yellowish body. Head and eyes small; mouthparts not elongated. Thorax hump-backed and small; wings delicate and without markings; Sc ending in C, cross-veins r-m and bm-cu contiguous; base of M vestigial; radial sector with two branches. Legs sometimes with swollen segments in the female fore tarsus. Abdomen narrow.

Biology. Larvae are fungivorous (association with Peniophora reported) but are also found under rotting logs, probably feeding on mycelium. The larvae build mucous tubes on the logs and form a kind of cocoon for pupation.

General references. Hutson et al. (1980 [keys]), Krivosheina (1988a [catalogue]), Lastovka & Matile (1972 [revision, systematics]), Vockeroth (1981 [general]).

References to the local fauna. Beuk et al. (1994, 1995).

How to quote this page: Beuk, P.L.Th., 2001. Family Diadocidiidae. In: Beuk, P.L.Th. (Ed.): Checklist of the Diptera of the Netherlands, https://diptera-info.nl/news.php?fam=Diadocidiidae (date accessed: 22/04/2024).

NL: 2 B: 2 D: 2 UK: 3 World: 10
  Diadocidia Ruthé, 1831
  subg. Diadocidia Ruthé, 1831
  ferruginosa (Meigen, 1830)
  spinosula Tollet, 1948 N; first recorded in original checklist (Beuk, 2002b Note 1
Note 1 Material examined: GELDERLAND: Beek (1 [m]: 15.v.1992, leg. P.L.Th. Beuk, det. P.J. Chandler [BEUK]), Kotten (2 [m][m]: 8-11.vi.1993, leg. C.J. Zwakhals MT [RMNH]); NOORD-HOLLAND: Hilversum (2 [f][f]: e.p. v.1905, leg. J.C.H. de Meijere [ZMAN]; 1 [f]: 24.v.1905, leg. J.C.H. de Meijere [ZMAN]; 1 [m]: 14.vii.1907, leg. J.C.H. de Meijere [ZMAN]; 1 [m]: 24.vii.1911, leg. J.C.H. de Meijere [ZMAN]; 1 [m], 1 [f]: 14.vii.1921, leg. J.C.H. de Meijere [ZMAN]); OVERIJSSEL: Breklenkamp (1 [m], 2 [f][f]: 8.v.1993, leg. P.L.Th. Beuk [BEUK]); UTRECHT: Vollenhove (1 [m]: 9.vi.1921, leg. J.C.H. de Meijere [ZMAN]).

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