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Paul L.Th. Beuk Version date: 11-01-2022 11:12

Diagnosis. Small, 2-5 mm long flies. Body dark with extensive greyish dusting. Head with ocellar setae reduced, vibrissae present. Antennae with short third segment and short pubescent arista. Wings with distinct subcostal break and less distinct humeral break, cross vein bm-cu absent. Legs annulated. Larvae resembling those of Drosophilidae in general appearance but with long respiratory tube on last abdominal segment.

Biology. Larvae living in exuding sap at wounds on both deciduous and coniferous trees. Adults usually found near tree wounds, occasionally attracted to other fermenting fluids or substrates. Adults have been reported to hibernate in sheltered places (cracks and hollows in trees, dry accumulated dead vegetation) in forests.

General references. Papp (1988 [larvae], 1997 [Aulacigaster], 1998d [general]), Teskey (1987a [general].

References to the local fauna. De Meijere (1939b), Van der Wulp & De Meijere (1898).

How to quote this page: Beuk, P.L.Th., 2022. Family Aulacigastridae. In: Beuk, P.L.Th. (Ed.): Checklist of the Diptera of the Netherlands, https://diptera-info.nl/news.php?fam=Aulacigastridae (date accessed: 22/04/2024).

NL: 2 B: 1 D: 1 UK: 1 World: 12
  Aulacigaster Macquart, 1835
  falcata Papp, 1997 N; added by Pennards et al. (2021: 54
  leucopeza (Meigen, 1830)
  = rufipes (Macquart, 1835)
The latest revisions at different levels
Aulacigaster falcata was the last (sub)species to be edited on 11-01-2022 11:12

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