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Paul L.Th. Beuk Version date: 01-01-2002 01:00

Melophagus ovinus (Linnaeus, 1758)
Diagnosis. Small to medium-sized flies. Most species have conspicuously flattened body as adaptation to their parasitic life-style. Wings may be narrowed, absent or lost; wing venation somewhat reduced, most veins located near the base and anterior margin of wing. Tarsi with hook-like claws to facilitate holding on to their host.

Biology. All species of this family are obligate ectoparasites of birds (all Ornithomyinae in the Netherlands) or mammals (all Hippoboscinae and Lipopteninae in the Netherlands), where they feed on blood. Larvae develop in the female abdomen one at the time and are released when ready for pupation (hence the old name Pupipara). Flightless species can find new hosts by contact between hosts or through infection at nest sites.

General references. Hill (1962 [Ornithomya]), Hutson (1984 [general, keys]), Maa (1963 [general, keys], 1966 [Ornithoica], 1969a [Ornithophila], 1969b [Icosta], 1969c [Lipopteninae], 1969d [classification]), Maa & Peterson (1987 [general, key to genera]), Soós & Hůrka (1986 [catalogue, classification]).

References to the local fauna. Van den Broek (1965, 1968), Maa (1969d), Schuurmans Stekhoven (1955), Schuurmans Stekhoven & Van den Broek (1969).

How to quote this page: Beuk, P.L.Th., 2001. Family Hippoboscidae. In: Beuk, P.L.Th. (Ed.): Checklist of the Diptera of the Netherlands, https://diptera-info.nl/news.php?fam=Hippoboscidae (date accessed: 16/06/2024).

NL: 12 B: 10 D: 12 UK: 14 World: ± 200
  Hippobosca Linnaeus, 1758
  equina Linnaeus, 1758
  Lipoptena Nitzsch, 1818
  cervi (Linnaeus, 1758)
  Melophagus Latreille, 1802
  ovinus (Linnaeus, 1758)
  ovinus (Linnaeus, 1758)
  Crataerina von Olfers, 1816
  pallida (Olivier in Latreille, 1812)
  Ornithoica Rondani, 1878
  subg. Ornithoica Rondani, 1878
  turdi (Olivier in Latreille, 1812) N; first listed by Maa (1969d: 262 Note 1
  Ornithomya Latreille, 1802
  = Ornithomyia Latreille, 1805:
  avicularia (Linnaeus, 1758)
  avicularia (Linnaeus, 1758)
  = viridis Latreille, 1805
  biloba Dufour, 1827 N; added by Schuurmans Stekhoven & Van den Broek (1969: 15, 17
  chloropus Bergroth, 1901
  chloropus Bergroth, 1901
  fringillina Curtis, 1836 N; provisionally added by Van den Broek (1965: 70 Note 2
  Ornithophila Rondani, 1879
  metallica (Schiner, 1864)
  Stenepteryx Leach, 1817
  = Stenopteryx Meigen, 1830:
  hirudinis (Linnaeus, 1758)
  Icosta Speiser, 1905
  = Lynchia Weyenbergh, 1881: misident. sensu auct.
  subg. Ardmoeca Maa, 1969
  ardea (Macquart, 1835)
  ardea (Macquart, 1835)
  = albipennis (Say, 1823): misident.
Note 1 The record given by Maa (1969d: 20) is considered doubtful. Several Ornithoica species recorded after the revision of the genus (Maa, 1966) were published elsewhere, but the Netherlands were not mentioned. This species will be confirmed as Dutch by Beuk & Van Eerde (in prep.).
Note 2 Confirmed by Van den Broek (1968: 101).

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